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New Barn Farm Dorset, Ethical Goat Meat Producers

We are Boer goat breeders and meat producers, our farm is set in one of the south coasts Areas of outstanding Natural Beauty, and our herd roams the beautiful south ancient ring near Knowlton church.

Knowlton church welcomes a range of people from photographers looking for beautiful sunsets and outstanding starry nights in a dark night location, to ghost hunters visiting what is said to be, one of the most haunted places in Britain.

You can now buy the freshest Goat Meat Online directly from our farm. We can then send out your purchase anywhere within England & Wales* (next day delivery), using a high performance, eco friendly insulated box.

Local Meat Available From The Goat Shack Farm Shop

We are offering high quality seasonal pork, lamb and beef straight from our farm shop. More details.

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Pasture Fed Chickens

Lovingly grown on our farm

Taste matters, the tastiest meat comes from animals who graze pasture outside as nature intended.

We will have a limited amount of pasture fed chickens available from mid June – register your interest now!

Hubbard Chicken


We are proud to be awarded Great Taste Award for our Garlic Goat Meat Sausages – Order now!

Goat Meat Sausages on a plate with rosemary


Buy our delicious Goat Meat Online, local honey, incredible cheeses and so much more… We also deliver to most UK addresses.

The Goat Shack Farm Shop


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Sunday – 10.00am to 4.00pm


The boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. It has many health benefits…

Piglet on new barn farm dorset
old tractor with Goats feeding
entrance to The Goat Shack Farm Shop


Pasture Fed

Here at the farm we are producing pasture fed Hubbard meat chickens. Their diet consists of herbs and grasses from our trails where they live , as well as their normal daily feed ration. Our aim is to have them grow slower on a more varied diet to produce the finest tasting meat.

They will be available mid June – price from £15-£20

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