We have babies!

Baby announcements from the farm...

Calf and mother Hereford Cow

It’s been like a nursery here at Newbarn farm in Dorset!

We recently added 3 beautiful Hereford cows to the farm, 2 came with their own calves (Bully the Bull and Mallow) however the other has just given birth to Clover, a cute and calm calf, who likes nothing more than, you guessed it, lying in the clover, she’s an absolute beauty!

Our Herefords have really settled in and we just love having them around!

clover the Hereford Calf lying in the clover
Clover the calf
Calf in field
calf and mother

Piggy NEWS!

piglets on Newbarn farm in Dorset

We say piggy news but it’s more like four little piglets news!

That’s right, we are excited to say that our beloved Oxford Sandy and Black Sow, Dotty, has given birth to 4 playful and extremely funny piglets.

All four piglets are doing exteremly well and are lapping up the Dorset sunshine.

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