Temperature Performance

Stays Cool For At Leat 24hrs

Recycle-able & Reusable

Delivered To Your Door


Wool is a natural insulator which outperforms conventional plastic insulated packaging on every level, this is why we have decided to only use Woolcool.

Woolcool has been independently tested and proved that it keeps food below the all important 5℃ for at least 24 hours and longer.

Wool is such a superior insulator less ice packs are required meaning a lighter load to be transported.

woolcool packaging
All materials are Sustainable, Compostable, Recyclable Or Recycled

Your Box

Strong, robust outer cardboard box, which contains two fleece liners.

Your insulated delivery box can actually keep your food chilled for up to 72 hours, which outperforms conventional packaging!

Your box is so strong is has been designed to carry up to 30kg, now that’s a lot of goat meat!

Reuse the Woolcool Liners:

・Protection for plants & flowers from frost
・Feeding roses & keeping slugs off plants
・Keeping takeaways warm!
・Pipe Lagging
・Pads for knees

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