Where our lamb graze on herbs and grasses

Enjoy the Seasonal Flavours Of Lamb

An incredible offer for our click & collect customers

Our lambs graze outside all year round and are 100% pasture fed, they graze on a mixture of different types of herbs and grasses, which is regenerative for the soil, taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and returning it to the ground, actively fighting global warming.

All our lamb is the native Dorset Down breed, bred, born and reared on our farm, by us where we take pride in their quality of life, and we do not give routine antibiotics or hormones of any kind.

The pedigree meat has repeatedly proven to be a favourite with our customers and we are now so happy to be able to offer half and whole lamb boxes, offering a range of cuts from roasting joints to flavoured sausages.

These boxes are on a first come first serve basis as there is a limited number and we will create a waiting list when your order has been places. The boxes are collection only from the farm

If you have any specific cutting requirements, please let us know in the ‘Order Notes’ at checkout , for example the legs and shoulders can be halved or bones and rolled if desired.

How It Works

Order your lamb using the form below

Pay £20 non refundable deposit for a half box order and £40 for the whole box.

Let us know of any specific cutting requirements, please let us know in the ‘Order Notes

We will notify you in the first week of June when your order is available

On collection the balance can be paid by card or cash

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