Lambs Springing Up All Over The farm

Spring is coming
One of our new Pygmy Goats...
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You know spring is on its way when the farm’s usual serene soundscape is filled with newborn lambs bleating with their mothers baaing right back at them!

Soon our lambs will be competing for air waves with the imminent arrival of kid-goats, all these baby animals are a must see on your next trip to the The Goat Shack.

We are also excited to tell you about our 2 new Pygmy Goats (Peppy and Rapunzel) which have just arrived, they have so much character and a great additional to the New Barn Farm Pygmy Goat family which we are hoping will be expanding!

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Watch our lambs

There’s nothing more fun than watching young lambs chasing each other…

**News from The Goat Shack**

Our Goat Shack is definitely worth a visit this month with plenty of fresh goat meat, our award winning Goat Sausages are back in stock plus we have started making our very own and unique and delicious Homemade Goat Meat Faggots

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