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The Farm

As a family we have always kept a small amount of animals, we bought our farm in 2015 and had many discussions about what to keep and how to best enjoy our farm, after some research, we decided that goats would be an exciting venture.

We started keeping Boer goats in 2016, with the view to having a herd for meat production. It has become a passion in that time and our herd has grown to over 200 in 3 years. We were so happy to get such a positive response to our produce when we began. this has gone from strength to strength as we have sold from more outlets and supplied local markets. . We run a closed farm and pride ourselves on maintaining a high health status.

Our aim is to build up to a herd of 200 breeding does, and to sell our meat directly from our farm shop, and online. We would like to tap into the sport and fitness industry, to promote the health benefits on eating goat meat in the future. Our meat will soon be butchered in our newly fitted butchery, and the meat will be fully traceable.

We Keep a small flock of rare breed Dorset Down sheep, consisting of 9 breeding ewes and one ram. Our first lambing season took place in early 2018 and our home breed lamb is also fully traceable.

We also have 2 breeding sows, Lottie and Dottie. They are Rare breed Oxford sandy and blacks, we think it is important to keep the rare breeds going. We have had 2 litters of piglets from our sows and hope to contribute to the continuation of this breed.

We sell the eggs from the various breeds of chickens and ducks. These eggs have been sold from the farm since we have been here. we are currently adding to our birds with our Toulouse Geese.

Currently all of our produce is available from the farm, you can visit us 6 days a week and on Sundays by appointment only. All of our Produce will be available from our farm shop and online services when these services are available.

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