Goat Skins Online

Goat Skin Rug By a glowing white log burner

Did you know that you can buy goat skin rugs made in the UK, online, direct from a farm in Dorset in the UK? 

This is that very farm, read on people, things are about to get meteoric!

We have been rearing goats since 2016 not only for their delicious goat meat but also for their goat skins!

We sell the most extensive cuts of goat meat in the UK however nothing is wasted, we also keep the goatskin and make high quality and stylish goatskin rugs.

We don’t actually tan the goatskins at our farm, we use Britain’s oldest Tannery (Devonia) who have been tanning sheep and goats skins for over 200 years. Their experience means you are getting a very high quality goat skin.

We sell them in 3 different sizes (small, medium & large), these goat skin rugs are also a fantastic Christmas Present, and are available online or in our farm shop, The Goat Shack

So without any further delay, head over to our selection of goat skins and if you would like further information drop us a message here or call us on 01258 446559.