Quesadilla Jerk With Sliced Goat Meat

Quesadilla Jerk With Sliced Goat Meat

Prep Time

25 mins

Cook Time

12 mins

Quesadilla Jerk With Sliced Goat Meat hopefully you will find very easy to make however it will take you from nought to tasty in a mouth-full!

Serves: 4 People
8 x (18cms) Mini wholemeal or regular plain tortillas
80g Grated four cheese mix
15g Strips of red pepper
15g Strips of green pepper
30g Strips of fresh tomato
12g Sliced spring onion
30g Thinly sliced baby sweetcorn
40g Sliced cooked goat meat (leg or shoulder)
1 tsp Jerk seasoning
40g Jerk barbecue sauce
80g A further grated four cheese mix

Place 21g cheese on one mini tortillas


Place red, green peppers & baby sweetcorn on next


Then place spring onions, tomatoes, goat meat on next


Sprinkle Jerk seasoning & 12g jerk sauce over ingredients


Add a further 21g cheese over ingredients


Then another mini tortilla on top to finish


Fry gently in a frying pan on a med heat or alternatively cook in a sandwich toaster both approx 4-5 mins.


Add more filling if you want a bigger quesadilla

Please note

You can purchase your online goat meat from our website, all other ingredients should be in the aisles of any decent supermarket.