Dorset Spice Shed Baconizer Seasoning


It’s pat-a-pig day because now you can have the flavour of cured bacon on anything you want. Our first fakin’ bacon dust is sweet chilli, smokey, spicy deliciousness in an easy-to-use dust you can sprinkle on anything you fancy. It’s made from plants so it’s vegan.

Size: 70g


Love the flavour of smokey, chilli-cured bacon? Oh yeah? You do? And you wish more things in the world tasted of bacon? Help is at hand. Our new Baconizer Fakin’ Bacon Dust is a blend of spices to sprinkle on anything you like and make it taste of smokey, chilli-cured bacon. It’s gosh-darn true. And the other good bit? It’s made from plants so it’s vegan. Yes, you heard that right. Vegan. Just imagine – bacon-tasting macncheese, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fries, popcorn, wings, sprouts (??). All that bacon chilli smokey loveliness and not a single pig involved. Oh yeah.

Ingredients: Paprika, salt with anticaking agent E535, soft brown sugar, smoked paprika, onion, natural hickory smoke flavour powder, tomato, garlic, chipotle, cayenne, clove

Size: 70g

intended for use as a seasoning