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It looks like Lebanese food is having a real moment and no surprise there – all those lovely sharing platters, relaxed eating, spicy but not too spicy, warm and mellow. Its flavours come from sophisticated spice blends drawing on both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern roots and of all our blends this Shawarma has the most ingredients and is deservedly the most time-consuming to make. But for you it’s quick. Make it a marinade with our blend plus lemon juice for chicken, lamb, cod, tofu, seitan and halloumi. Marinade then grill, griddle or BBQ and just – enjoy!!

Size: 42g

Ingredients: Sugar, mint, paprika, coriander, salt, turmeric, onion, garlic, cumin, ginger, parsley, cayenne, cardamom, clove

Intended for use as a seasoning

Blended and packed in the UK


Chilli Chipotle
Change your chilli to a smokier, spicier version with our classic Tex/Mex spicing with plenty of chipotle (smoked chilli) for plenty of heat and a lovely woodfireiness (is that a word?). We’ve got the oregano, the thyme, the paprika, cayenne, even a touch of gorgeous Italian dark cocoa, too. One to two tablespoons will make a delicious difference to classic beef mince chilli (we like to mix beef and turkey mince) and Quorn vegan pieces (the plain ones).

Size: 42g

Ingredients: Cumin, garlic, paprika, red pepper, salt, marjoram, brown sugar, cinnamon, chipotle (5%), oregano, thyme, cayenne

Intended for use as a seasoning. Gluten-free, vegan

Blended and packed in the UK

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