Goat Burgers

Goat Burgers

Forget beef, Goat burgers are the way forward – tastier, better for the environment plus better for you!

Price is based on a pack of 4 succulent goat burgers (approx 500g – 17.6oz)

We are proud to announce that our Harissa Flavoured Goat Burgers has won a Taste Of The West Gold award!



All our Goat Meat we sell online and in our Farm Shop (The Goat Shack), is born, bred and raised on our farm. You are buying directly from the farmer, us! We only raise and sell Boer goats which are renown throughout the goat eating world as the premier goat meat.

We use a 24 hour delivery service with all goat meat securely packed in stay cool insulated delivery boxes which can keep food frozen for up to 48 hours and chilled for up to 72 hours. See delivery information for more details.

Please note: We want to provide you with the best quality meat and the longest shelf life. We guarantee the highest quality, so goat burgers may arrive frozen.

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Plain Goat Burgers, Garlic Goat Burgers, Harissa Flavoured Goat Burgers, Harissa Flavoured Goat Burgers


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