Goat Burgers

Goat Burgers

Forget beef, Goat burgers are the way forward – tastier, better for the environment plus better for you!

Price is based on a pack of 4 succulent goat burgers.


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Delivery Information

As you can see from our website you are getting this beautiful goat meat straight from the farm. We like to make sure you get the freshest cuts of goat meat with the longest sell by date, which is also suitable for the freezer.

Please note: In order for us to create you the freshest cuts of meat you must order by 10pm Monday night, so we can have it ready to send to you on Thursday to arrive with you on the Friday.

If you order after 10pm on Monday night, your order will not arrive with you until the following Thursday.

We also only use environmentally friendly packaging.

If you would like your order before Friday, please call us on 01258 446559 as we do have goat meat in our farm shop freezers, you can also use our contact form.

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Which Flavour?

Plain Goat Burgers, Garlic Goat Burgers, Harissa Flavoured Goat Burgers, Harissa Flavoured Goat Burgers


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